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The nuts and bolts of issuing residential solar hot water system permits.

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Toronto Solar Hot Water System Permit Materials

Note: The Solar Permits project wrapped up in 2010 and materials and this website are no longer being updated. Information was current only at time of initial development and we cannot guarantee ongoing accuracy.

The documents on this page were developed by Toronto Buildings and the Solar Neighbourhoods Program to ensure safe, professional solar installations in the city.

Purchasing Guides | Installation Guides | Building Permit Forms| Toronto Building Approval Guides | Systems with Certified Plans | Standard Roof Rack Drawings | System Commissioning Report

Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Purchasing Guides

Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods has developed a number of guides to support professional solar contractors and to assist homeowners considering the purchase of a solar domestic hot water (SDHW) system in Toronto.


Homeowner Solar Site Evaluation
This guide provides homeowners with some basic guidelines for a self evaluation of your home’s potential for installing a solar hot water heating system.
How to Select a Solar Contractor
This guide provides helpful information when considering selecting a solar contractor .
Making your Home Solar Ready
This Toronto Building document provides advice on how to can prepare a home for a solar hot water system in the future.

Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Installation Guides

A building permit is required to install a solar hot water system in the City of Toronto. Solar Neighbourhoods has worked with Toronto Building to create a solar-ready application process.



A Guide to Roof Assessment for SDHW Systems

This provides advice on how to assess roof structure when considering installing a SDHW system.

Building Permit Application Submission Checklist

This is to be used when applying for a building permit for a SDHW system with a certified plan through the Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Initiative. It provides helpful information for projects throughout Toronto.

A Guide for Building Permit Submissions for Residential SDHW Systems

This provides information on the requirements for obtaining a building permit to install a residential SDHW system in Toronto.

SDHW Inspection Report

This inspection report is a checklist to insure that the SDHW system is installed according to industry best practices.


Toronto Building’s SDHW Building Permit Forms

Toronto Building, with assistance from Solar Neighbourhoods, has developed building permit forms specifically for residential SDHW systems. Toronto Buildings’ standard forms can be downloaded directly from Toronto Building’s website at



Tree Declaration Form

This fillable form has been partially completed with typical information needed for a SDHW system installation.

Declaration of Time Frames

This fillable form has been partially completed with typical information needed for a SDHW system installation.

Building Permit Application – For SDHW Structural

This fillable form has been partially completed with typical information needed for a SDHW system installation.

Building Permit Application – For SDHW Mechanical (Plumbing)

This fillable form has been partially completed with typical information needed for a SDHW system installation.

SDHW Roof Structure Report

This is required to be submitted with a building permit application.  It is used in conjunction with the structural drawing to confirm that the roof has adequate capacity to hold the solar collectors. Print on legal sized paper.

Backflow Prevention Device Test Report

Upon completion of the installation of the SDHW System the reduced pressure principle backflow preventer device (RP BFP) must be tested by a Certified Backflow Prevention Tester in accordance with the CSA B 64 standard requirements. The test report must be submitted to the inspector.

SDHW System Inspection Report

This report is required to be completed by a certified solar installer or a certified engineer upon completion of the installation and faxed to Toronto Building or provided to the building inspector at the Toronto Building site inspection.


Guides to Get a SDHW System Approved by Toronto Building\

The Ontario Building Codes deals with both the structural and mechanical elements of installing a SDHW system.  The SDHW system you install must both be in conformance with CSA F379: Standard Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems and have a rack design that complies with the Ontario Building Code.  Contractors who install SDHW systems in Toronto may wish to have a Certified Plan issued by Toronto Building for their product.



Documentation for Development of Standard Drawings

This form by Solar Neighbourhoods provides guidelines for Professional Engineers to develop stamped drawings and a letter of conformance for SDHW systems that are not certified to CSA F379.

Documentation for SDHW Certified Plan Review

This fillable form (along with support documentation) is required to be submitted to Toronto Building for review and then issuance of a certified plan or when submitting with a building permit application for a product that has not been certified for installation by Toronto Building. 



Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems with Certified Plans

The following SDHW Systems have had certified plans approved by Toronto Building. These systems have been pre-reviewed by Toronto Building officials and go through a reduced review process when building permits applications are submitted. This list is current as of 20-Nov-09. Contact information for the suppliers can be found at

Product Name

Certified Plan No.

Supplier or Manufacturer

Roof Types Allowed




Boss Solar

Sloped or flat roofs.




Enerworks Inc

Sloped roofs.




CC Solar Inc

Sloped or flat roofs.


GSE IP-195



Sloped, over peak or  flat roofs.

Seasonal use only

Solar Boiler



Sloped or flat roofs.




Enerworks Inc. flat roof rack by Skyline

Flat roofs.




Enerworks Inc. flat roof rack by Skyline

Flat roofs.


Sunnyback 10



Sloped roofs (flat roofs pending)



Standard Sloped Roof Rack for Flat Plate Collectors

Standard Sloped Roof Rack – Structural Drawings

Standard Sloped Roof Rack – Engineering Letter

System Commissioning Report

System Commissioning Report to be filed by contractor for TSNI incentive payment



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Solar Permits is a project of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund. This project was made possible through an investment by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada.